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The Full Story


Born in Ghana Y.K.D.'s first step into the world of music was through Ghana's iconic genre hiplife. He fell in love with the melody based genre right before falling in love with commercial music. A healthy dose of westlife and Ghanaian hiplife formed his love for melody based music. He discovered rap and almost fell in love instantly whilst dabbling in breakdancing and singing early on. Influenced by old school and new school styles as well as his travels abroad at a young age his style of music vary and can never be said to fit in any one genre. He believes good music transcends time, ethnicity, languages and gender and his life's aim is to make music, people with all tastes will like .

Black Water


His lifes mission is to be the greatest artist ever and his work ethic and dedication to his craft shows his drive to accomplish this insurmountable dream


Y.K.D.'s Vision is that after his career he would have changed the definition of music on a global scale. He sees a world where all genres merge to make ultimate good music

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